Do you have a new product that you want to launch with new, environmentally friendly packaging? Our are you thinking about changing the design of an existing product? Take the chance to win a redesign of a new or old product in Nordic Pack’s Complete Make Over Competition.

How it works

Two winners get a free consultation with one of Nordic Pack’s packaging experts. First, we find a suitable packaging from our wide range of products. The next step is a uniquilly designed label to complement your brand. The label is designed by an external communication agency that specializes in branding and graphic design. All you have to do is choose a suitable product and give an inspiring this is why my product should win speech.


  • Select a new or existing product and tell us why it needs a Complete Makeover.
  • You can only enter one product per company.
  • The last day of entry is October 31.
  • Nordic Pack chooses two winners from the contestants
  • The winners are contacted before November 2.
  • The winning designs will be displayed on and in our social media.

Enter the competition