Labels adhesives

We use adhesives that meet the requirements of the food industry

Adhesives can be used under different conditions (single time bonding, suitable for peeling off and sticking again), adaptable to different surfaces (glass, plastic, paper), variety of conditions (on frozen, warm, chilled packs), having different properties (suitable for synthetic surfaces).

Multipurpose adhesive

Ordinary adhesive that is suitable for all types of product labels. Suitable for normal conditions of labelling and product storage. The lowest temperature up to – 20oC. The highest temperature up to + 80 oC.

Adhesive for frozen products

Used when labelled or frozen products are stored in the refrigerator. The labels offer better sticking properties and do not peel off in low temperature. Labelling is possible up to – 20oC, storage up to – 400C.

Low tack (easily removable) adhesive

A label with this adhesive can be quickly peeled off; no adhesive is left on the surface.

Special adhesive

Special adhesives suitable for different labelling methods. We can offer washable (it’s easy to detach the label from the surface when it is wet), water activated (wet label is not removable) and other adhesives.
Please contact our managers who will demonstrate you samples for a particular situation.
used (we use EU certified materials only) with the environment.

Our production process strictly complies with hygiene requirements (installation of manufacturing facilities, coveralls, wearing protective equipment, cleaning and maintenance, etc.). Labels are produced strictly to the requirements of raw material producers and the laws. Before we start using the new materials, they are tested. We meet ISO standards, we have necessary certificates and licenses.