Labels on plastic films

We produce all sizes, shapes and colours of plastic film labels of the materials suitable for food industry

These labels adapt to the ambient temperature and environment, and respond to changes. Labels are resistant to cold, oil, chemicals and temperature fluctuations. Paper, ink, adhesive and label treatment is chosen after the analysis of the conditions of use (products that come in contact, purpose of use). In the light laboratory we examine how the label will look like in daylight, and observe changes in any other light.
We have made several hundreds of different options; therefore we ensure that you will choose a label that is particularly compatible with the specifics of your products.

Self-adhesive labels on polyethylene.

We use white, transparent, and metallic polyethylene. Labels made of it can be stretched or wrinkled, they still do not peel off. They are used when hot products are poured into containers. The labels are long lasting and resistant to environmental impact and heat.

Self-adhesive labels on polypropylene.
Labels made of polypropylene are thicker, stiffer and less expensive than those made of polyethylene. They are adapted for use on smooth surfaces.

Self-adhesive PET  (polyester) labels
These labels can be processed with the package.
Self-adhesive labels on metallic material
They look better, labels are resistant to environmental impact, moisture and cold.
Self-adhesive labels on biodegradable material
These labels do not differ from usual labels, but at special composting conditions they break down within 40-60 days, and in two years under natural conditions.
Self-adhesive labels on specific film
We can offer various kinds of specific film, meeting the specific requirements. Self-adhesive labels can be printed on a fully transparent film.
Please contact our managers who will demonstrate the samples for a particular situation.
We use a fully tested materials and production process that have no adverse effects  

Our technicians are examining the process of label production and manufacturing – the interaction of materials used (we use EU certified materials only) with the environment.
Our production process strictly complies with hygiene requirements (installation of manufacturing facilities, coveralls, wearing protective equipment, cleaning and maintenance, etc.). Labels are produced strictly to the requirements of raw material producers and the laws. Before we start using the new materials, they are tested. We meet ISO standards, we have necessary certificates and licenses.