This is Nordic Pack

Nordic Pack is the supplier the most extensive range of packaging. Glass or plastic – if you’ve got the contents, we’ve got the package. And our goal is to become the Nordic industry leader.

All kinds of packaging

Our packaging is of the highest quality and is used in all industries from healthcare and food to cosmetics and engineering. Nordic Pack’s customers range from large multinationals to small one-man operations.

A family business with a long history

Today, Nordic Pack is a well established and fast growing family business. Over the past three years, we have nearly doubled our turnover and staff. But the company has a long history, going back to 1939 and the well-known name, AB medicinglas. In the seventies, the company was known as Duma AB and from 2000, our name is Nordic Pack.

Quick and safe delivery

Nordic Pack’s unique quality is our quick and safe deliveries; in most cases within 48 hours.

We do our own repackaging, which means that delivery terms will be honoured, whether you order several pallets or individual jars.

Environment and quality

The environment has a high priority in Nordic Pack. We help the customer in making the best environmental choice and we are the only supplier to receive the environmental certificate.