Bag In Box - Ståpåsar / Ståpåse
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Lagervara 3 l Artikelnr: QSP1010  
  • 230 mmDiameter:
  • 295 mmHöjd:
  • 250 stAntal/kolli:
  • 3000 stAntal/pall:
  • 250 stMinsta best.kvant:

Övrig information

  1. Lev: 133
    Attentions: Bag suitable for hot filling 80-85 degrees Celsius

    Food Contact: We refer to our document, Food Stuff Contact - Declaration of Conformity
    Storage: Empty Bags have to be stored at room temperature, in clean, dry and dust free conditions, packed in closed original carton. Keep bags away from poisonous articles, heat source, smelling products and direct sun. The optimal conditions of storage are between 15-25°C, and 40-60% of relative humidity. Unfilled empty bags can be stored during a short period at +4°C minimum and +40°C maximum, but have to be stored in indoor temperature for 24 to 48 h before use.
    Using period: Bags will be suitable for use up to 24 months from the date of delivery, provided that storage and warehousing conditions, as per our recommendations above have been respected.