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Secure your delivery of beer bottles before this summer's filling!

We both stock and can deliver directly to you from production. We have standard cartons for Vichy & Longneck, you also have the opportunity to make your cap completely unique with your own print.

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High time to order buckets & jars for your crayfish!

Make your packaging completely unique with your own print.

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Glass is 100% recyclable - an eternal cycle!

The glass has unique properties when it comes to storing food and drink.
Perfect when it comes to reducing food waste!

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An expert on packaging that is involved from start to finish

This is how it works

First contact

For us, customer contact is A and O. If you search for packaging, you have most likely found us via Google or another search engine.

Proposal / Quote

Our product experts are happy to provide advice and ideas on which packaging would suit your product. After that, we can offer suitable packaging, according to your needs.


When we have agreed, it is time to place an order on suitable packaging. Here you as a customer have the same contact with us throughout the chain.


We have a variety of options when it comes to delivery and transport. The most common thing is that we take care of this through our warehouse. If you have your own carrier, will that work as well.

We are Nordic Pack

You have just found Sweden's leading wholesaler of packaging materials in glass and plastic.

Finding the right packaging concept for your particular needs can sometimes be challenging. With knowledge of the industries in which our customers operate, in combination, with long experience of different packaging, logistics and customer service, we hope to inspire and help you to success.

We hope that our journey together can begin here and now!

CEO Fredrik Andersson